Volley Ball : V200W : #4


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* The V200W features a perfectly balanced, 18-panel aerodynamic design that improves ball movement and gives players greater control.
* With enhanced visibility, the new indoor ball will optimize the quality of play and maximize excitement on the court.
* The double-dimpled microfiber surface stabilizes the flight path of the ball and creates additional cushioned ball control, whilst the anti-sweat functionality ?Nano Balloon Silica? prevents the surface of the ball from becoming slippery during intense play.
* The ball exceeds the FIVB?s homologation standards and passed stringent testing protocols, carried out by leading national teams and clubs.
* FIVB approved with FIVB official game ball Logo.
* Leakproof butyl rubber bladder for optimal air retention and retains its round shape, match after match.
* The synthetic leather gives the ball a soft and wear-resistant surface, for optimal control.
* Construction with 18 panels for aerodynamically perfectly balanced flight.
* Lower rebound effect.
* Double-Dimple technology for excellent ball control Synthetic leather with butyl bladder.

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Yellow/Royal Blue


Unisex Adults




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