Knee Support Thickpad : 0452


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* Suitable for sports: Jogging, Climbing, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Baseball and other competitive or leisure sports.
* It is used for prophylactic and therapeutic use during sports activities.
* Retains body heat to warm the knee joint and increase blood circulation.
* The highly elastic sponge with a thickness of about 2cm can prevent rubbing or contusion during exercise and effectively protect muscles and joints.
* Injury care: It can prevent the pain from intensifying, eliminate swelling, relieve pain and inconvenience caused by muscle injury, and further accelerate recovery.
* Lasting use.
* It has excellent flexibility, durability, easy wearing, softness, comfort, and long service life.

* Fully adjustable Velcro makes it close tighter and gives better compression for the Knee.
* Hook and loop closure design
* Material terylene, acrylic fibre, elastic ribbon, sponge.

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