Home Gym 150 Lbs With Out Cover : G 9980


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* This beautifully designed machine has all the tools needed to keep your body in shape!
* Tone and strengthen your major muscle groups, or build more definition in the biceps, triceps, shoulders and so on.
* You can also get a great abs workout to help strengthen your cores.
* It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to exercise or a fitness fanatic, the G9980C lets you always remain in control of the challenge and intensity of your workout.
* An enlarged size and durable design offer support and make getting in shape a comfortable experience!
* A weight stack of 150 lbs gives you plenty of options, so you can take your training to the limit.
* Sleek and stylish the G9980C is a great addition to any home gym. In fact it?s got all the gym you need in one place.

* Dimension: 1300(L) x 1160(W) x 2060(H) mm
* Maximum user weight: 120 kg
* No cable changes
* Leg extension
* Arm press
* Butterfly arm
* Low pulley
* High pulley
* PP coated weight stacks for silent operation
* 150 lbs weight stacks

Weight 125 kg


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