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* Have fun with this pool float Inflatabull 56280EU from Intex!
* This float combines an inflatable ring as well as an inflatable bull.
* You can climb on top while your friends hold the ring.
* From there, they can stabilise the ring or, to make things more challenging, they can drag the ring to make the float tough to balance.
* Your goal is to stay in place as long as possible.
* The bright colours and the detailed design are made with advanced printing techniques that will add more fun to your activity.
* For your safety, it is constructed with five heavy-duty handles and three air chambers. It comes with a repair patch for convenience.

* Colour: Black and brown
* Material: Vinyl
* Dimensions (inflated): 239 x 196 x 81 cm (L x W x H)
* 3 air chambers
* 5 heavy-duty handles to hold on
* Outer ring to ensure balance and safety
* Repair patch included

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Unisex Adults


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