Dartboard Nodor Supabull II


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* Nodor – the First and Still the Finest.
* The Nodor SupaBull bristle dartboard, endorsed by the American Dart Organization, is a regulation-sized bristle dartboard with a staple-free SupaBull bullseye for maximized scoring.
* Dense sisal fibers create a self-healing playing surface.
* The moveable number ring ensures the dartboard will wear evenly, prolonging the playing life.
* Includes hanging kit.

* Measures 17.75 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches thick.
* Equipped with EASY-TURN steel numbers
* Ideal for beginners or recreational players.
* Extends the life of the board
* Round Mobile Number Ring, Stapled Metal Spider.
* Sisal fiber construction.
* Staple-free bullseye for the highest score; automatic.
* Target Sow Level Approved by the American Darts Organization.

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