Crus Support Knitting : 0537


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* It is used for prophylactic and therapeutic use during sports activities.
* Easy to wear, suitable for almost any sports and athletic activities.
* Ideal for the Healing and Prevention of Sporting Injuries.
* Designed to help protect and support sore, weak, or injured crus.
* This calf support has been designed to support the whole calf and contribute to the effectiveness of muscle contractions.
* It provides you with relaxation, good muscular control, and safety.
* It is used when aches occur during the exercise of leisure activities and/or sport activities or when accompanied by light muscular impairment such as strained muscles.

* Provides good ventilation
* Protection, good stretch, and less perspiration of this body part during activities
* Boosts work out benefits
* 20% Shirr, Material Knitting 50% Acrylic, 30% Terylene.
* Size Large

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