Barbell & Dumbell Set 50Kgs : BW-4150


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* Dumbbells and Barbells are great for fitness, strengthening and weight training exercises.
* A barbell is more suitable for heavy compound lifts, while dumbbells make it easier to isolate specific muscles.
* Elegant design and quality design.
* Affordable. Durable.

* Total weight 50 kgs.
* 1 piece of 60″ barbell bar of 6kg that includes 2 pieces of locks.
* 2 pieces of 14″ dumbell bars of 2kg that includes 4 pieces of 14″ dumbell locks.
* 4 pieces of 1kg plates.
* 4 pieces of 2kg plates.
* 4 pieces of 4kg plates.
* 2 pieces of 6kg plates.





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